VSESC Registration Notice

The Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Study Center (VSESC) management pasted out their information across all departments to notify all students that the EED registration for the 2nd semester 2016/2017 has commenced.

To make payment for the 40% EED levies balance, students are required to pay using their Debit Card at the VSESC Village (as this is the only place you can make the payment at) while receipts, manual and logbook will be issued.

It’s also stated that students who are yet to clear-up their 60% levies (First Semester) should do so as only registered students should expect their result from the centre.

See the image below for the full message and also the amount to be paid in respect of student’s level and programme.

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12 Comments on VSESC Registration Notice

  1. Pls can someone who has lost his/her result be issue another one

  2. How to reprint EED 40% receipt

  3. Please, how do we check the EED result for 2017?
    I’ve checked my portal, but I keep seeing the one for last year

  4. Please, I did not see my Test score…Just practical

  5. I’m seeing just my practical score for this session
    What about the Test please?

  6. ajibola bolaji // October 9, 2017 at 1:14 PM // Reply

    What of those that have exam number but no 40% EED payment

  7. ajibola bolaji // October 9, 2017 at 1:17 PM // Reply

    What of those who are yet to pay 40%

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