Students Who are Yet to Complete Registration to be Disallowed From Writing Tests and Exams!


We hereby use to this medium to implore all students that are yet to complete their registration to try as much as possible to get this done as a memo issued by the management is now stating that Students should be restricted from writing Mid-Semester Tests or any form of Examination.

The Memo reads:

Following the meeting of Management with Deans of Faculties,  Heads of Departments and stakeholders,  held on Wednesday, 28 June  2017,  it was observed that many students have not completed their registrations.

The meeting noted the consequence of non-completion of registration by students and decided that strategies/measures should be employed to enforce timely registration.

Consequently,  it was decided that Head of Departments should disallow any student who has not paid his/her school fees (towards completion of registration)  from writing class test or any form of examination.  

You are therefore requested to pass this decision to your Head of Departments with a view to requesting them to employ strategies for implementation of this decision by lecturers so as to ensure that students complete their registration on time.

Course Coordinators are also enjoined to please make themselves available for endorsement of the Registration Forms of their respective students as might be appropriate.

 Thank you.


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