The New Face of Education


When does your life begins? After graduation day right? I heard a medical doctor say “you won’t go far in life if you don’t go to school!” leaves me wondering and caught up in an irony— the place of school dropouts shaking the world— or even those who never smelt school.

Go to school— they tell you it increases your opportunities of earning big paychecks— leaves me wondering how to explain the barrage of unemployed and underemployed graduates— being to school but yet the good life is far from their reach.

There has got to be more to teach and learn in school— and I mean real life applications and challenges than the boring value of x in mathematics class which your employer seldom ask!

I am of the thought that schools today seldom teach essential lessons that advantageously positions students to be better armed for their lives and futures. And for your best life, you need to take responsibility of your life.

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The nagging questions in a student’s mind has always revolved around the following:

  • Must I go to school to be rich, successful and happy in life? (Sitting school dropouts like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg as pivotal reference point)
  • If I don’t go to school, does that imply I would never go far in life? (But truly, if you had a degree, your chances at opportunities would have being brighter!)

Going to school today to learn the matrices of life has been a case study for today’s generation because they know school curricula is lacking in content and context and of course, some of their big shot mentors in music, sports, technology… never went to school or are school dropouts!

It is time for the new face of education! Hack your education!!!

Dale J. Stephens puts it this way— you’ve got to hack your education! Being a academic according to Jean Fan means that you’re committed to active learning— that is, taking control of your education. It means that you accept personal responsibility of the direction of your life.

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Whether you choose to go to a conventional college or not— you have your destiny in your hands. Knowledge is a “knowing that gives an edge in life”.

So whatever you want to do with your life— go for knowledge. Be knowledgeable about your act— and act thus. Read, study, learn…get schooled in your field and be a master in it!

I have gone to school… here is my certificate… give me a job!!!

Wake up dear and smell the coffee of reality! Real life really does have limited opportunities with grand competition from every side! Now wake up to this headline:

Dangote company to employ Graduates as Truck Drivers…

28.14million youths in Nigeria are unemployed in a total population of 67million youths. So what exactly would you do with your life after school?

  • Go job hunting
  • Go back home to mummy
  • Wait until NYSC is over before I figure out the next thing
  • I’ll do anything job
  • I’ve got a plan

Any which way, na you sabi! You are the captain of your ship (life)— chart your course! Going to school…while still important, it is not enough!!!

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