Why Most Campus Relationships Don’t Last


It is very obvious that most relationships on our campuses doesn’t last long and most relationships do not lead to marriage. I personally believe that relationships that doesnt lead to marriage is not worth going into and there are many reasons why most campus relationship doesn’t last; let me share few with you.

Most people go in to have fun and nothing more. Surprisingly, many people do not ask themselves why they want to venture into a relationship at that particular time.

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The truth is that you need to have a reason for doing anything and your reasons will serve as the motivation and direction in your pursuit. You don’t expect to have s*x as your reason for entering into relationship and pursue a healthy and s*x-free relationship.

Most people want a relationship because “All my friends are in a relationship” – they say! And I think I also need one.

If you are a lady, take this advise: Any time a guy proposes to you, ask him what his reasons are even if you like him, don’t just accept on the platter of gold. Most especially ask if he can get married to you when you are ready. If he reply in affirmative, then ask him to wait for you till you are ready if he really loves you.

Some guys can be very desperate at times. They will continue stalling like a bound dog. For you to confirm if he really loves you, just tell him to visit your parents and stop disturbing you. Why? True love is unpredictable. Human beings can go extra miles for the sake of love.

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  1. the article is interesting but I still want you to note that last paragraph as it says “human can go extra mile for love”: some are so desperate and still go to meet the Lady’s parent… how about that?

  2. I find this interesting and educating as well.. but @James: you’re right just that I believe just little percent of the men can really do that.. at least it will just help filter a bit.. that’s my view

  3. The girls nowadays once. You’ve proposed to them they will hv put a burden on u.
    Always demanding
    I think they should stop that
    Sex is a suprise package after marriage B4. But now it is a birthday bash gift

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