Security Department Not Relenting In Their Effort To Curb Indecent Dressing

The Security Department at the Polytechnic, Ibadan are not relenting in their effort to cub indecent dressing. In recent times, most students have found it quite okay to dress indescently on campus. Examples are putting on short skirt, crazy jeans, sagging and host of others.

This issue of indescent dressing has definitely sprung the security department into a quick action, in which they have been working tremendously to eradicate act. 

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The CSO, Captain Abayomi Vaughan have stationed security officers at the various entrances that leads into the school such as the south and North campus gates. Now there are security van on standby at these enterance.

Although, some students still find their way to sneak in despite the fact that there are security officers patroling around.  On this case, lecturers have a part to play in curbing this indescent dressing by fishing out students who have failed to comply with the Management’s rule. 

Captain Abayomi Vaughan have brought out notifications to both the  lecturers and students to always ensure they give out necessary informations when needed to the security department. 

All students are hereby admonished to always dress descently on campus. Together we can make Decent dressing paramount on campus. 

Kudos to The Security Department TPI.

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