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Seems some are not aware they can get free data bonus here on PolyIBADAN ARENA, highlighted below are few things you can do to get free Megabytes.

  • ==> You get 100MB 200MB when you Register
  • ==> You get 5MB when you Comment on our posts
  • ==> You get 5MB when you Login to the portal 

Additional Megabytes (starting next month, APRIL);

  • ==> Free 500MB to The Person with the Most Comment of the Month.
  • ==> Free 500MB 1GB to be shared among 5 Lucky winners of our weekly Quiz.

Having stated the ways of getting Free Megabytes, today we are unleashing the “Like & Get Free 500MB Bonus“. Yes, just as the name sounds, all you need to do is:

ATTENTION: Facebook Like Currently Discontinued (Updated @ Oct 16, 2018). We will announce to you when it’s Up again.

  • Like Our Facebook Page ===>
  • Then send your Username (i.e your Username) to Us on Facebook while our Admins award you with 500MB.


You can view your available data below your username on the portal, check the image below! 

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