Weekly-Quiz: Get Free 500MB!


Here comes this week give-away. We will be giving out free 500MB to ten (10) people that answer the below quiz correctly.

How it works?

  • ==> The first 10 correct answers will get 500MB each.
  • ==> Ensure you login to post comment to avoid being disqualified.
  • ==> Also, do not reply other person’s comment.
  • ==> Comments will be approved after 7 hours to avoid those wey dey like copy copy.
  • ==> If your comment is not yet approved, it will be on queue.
  • ==> Please do not use multiple names to post. We will find out.
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Let’s have fun.

Q1. In what YEAR was The Polytechnic, Ibadan established?

Q2. How many faculties do we have in PolyIBADAN?

Q3. What’s the Full-Name of the Rector?

Q4. What’s Full-Name of the SUG President?

Q5. Who was the first American in space?

Drop your answers below!!

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  1. 1. Poly Ibadan was established 1971. 2. Poly Ibadan has five faculties.. 3. The name of Poly Ibadan Rector Prof. Olatunde Fawole. 4. The name of S. U. G president is Comrade Kuyoro Olumuyiwa Emmanuel… 5. Alan B. Shepard, Jr.

  2. 1.Polyibadan was established in 1970
    2.There are five faculties in the polytechnic Ibadan
    3.professor Olatunde O. Fawole is the Rector of the polytechnic Ibadan.
    4.Comrade Kuyoro Oluwamuyiwa Emmanuel
    5.The first America in the space is Rear Admiral Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr.

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