The Reign Of BBNaija On Students

The rate at which students are engrossed with the “Big Brother Naija” reality show has become rampant in recent times. Students no longer care rather care less about their assignments which they surf the internet for and what most of them now do is search about the latest trend on Big Brother house-mates.

The reality show is generally known not be an educating show which adds to the knowledge or helps the students with their studies and despite this, the students have taken so much interest in watching this show. 

In some hall of residents, common room which the school earmarked for reading, assignments and also T.V is installed there to make the academic lives of the students not boring. This T.V has turned to BBNaija screen, because it is used to watch the show always.

Though not all students find this show interesting because it works boring to some, while some thinks it corrupts and the others think they don’t have the time sitting down all day watching how some people live their personal lives.

The students also have found it interesting arguing about who they love and supports. Also use their airtime to vote for who they want for the money.

Although, the programme run for a duration of 24 hours but students find means of watching it anytime, even during lecture hours, causing unhealthiness to their academic state.

Who then saves the entertainment world? The question that keeps pondering in this heart is: Is BB Naija A Blessing Or Curse On Our Educational System? Let’s have your comments below!

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