First FOSSU Orientation Of The Institution

It was such a wonderful and well celebrated day as the Federation of Oyo State Students’ Union (FOSSU) held its orientation programme at the Assembly Hall on the 27th April 2018.  The programme started at exactly 12:00pm in which it had in attendance the President of Ibadan, Oladimeji Ridwan, the FOSSU President Akanmu Peter, the vice President Fabunmi Enduranace, Ogbomosho President Oloyede Abiodun Joshua, Oke-Ogun President Adebimpe Samson, Ibarapa President Abdulrasaq Afeez and other executives of FOSSU.

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SUG Freshers’ Orientation: Life After Matriculation

The absence of the Oba of Oyo was recognized as honours were still given to him. The special Guests of the day were Bar. Oladepo (the Staff Adviser) Mrs Adekola Aremu and Dr. Olorunyomi. At the initial stage of the programme, the FOSSU President Com. Akanmu Peter Oluwaseun gave his speech by welcoming the fresh students to the ever dynamic institution in the country The Polytechnic, Ibadan. 

He started, “it is a great pleasure for me to welcome everyone present at this occasion to the first FOSSU Orientation of the institution’’. In the same vein, he mentioned some of his intended projects such as:

  • A well equipped secretariat which will serve as a medium of meeting the executive members to foster closer relationship with students.
  • Construction of a well-equipped public toilet.
  • Provision of bus for easy movement of both the executives and members of the Association.
  • Colourful FOSSU Day/Award/Dinner Night.
  • Quiz competition and Cultural day.
  • Quality souveniers.

He beseeched the special guest to support their dreams and make Oyo state students great again. He brought an end to his speech after relaying a favorite quote by John C. Maxwell “If you want to know the true character of a man, give him power’’.

Immediately after the President’s speech, Dr. Olorunyomi gave the 1st lecture on Unemployment Syndrome and its effects on Youth Development in Nigeria. He started by saying that he has been one of the foremost Union activist till date in which he started in 1979. He is presently a lecturer at the University of Ibadan. He acknowledge that science without ideology is a disaster in which he was able to identify that unemployment is a major problem in Nigeria.

He added that, if peradventure he was asked to choose among the three (3) levels of Institution, he would rather go for College of Education where there are well trained and experienced lecturers. He mentioned the problem of Nigerian elites keeping the army of unemployed youths. In the same vein, he highlighted the effects of unemployment on Youth Development such as lack of self esteem or worth, low standard of living, increase in the number of dependent people, insecurity and corruption. He stated that what the President meant by saying the youth are lazy is that, he is employing the youth to be hard working.

Mrs. Adekola Aremu was up to the podium to round off Dr. Olorunyomi’s speech by adding that the youth of today have a greater future. She also said that the present statistics have shown that Nigeria have a high number of youths. Thereby, encouraging students to leave a remarkable step on campus before graduating. She stated the simple ways to be active in the society and Nigeria at large by saying no to drugs, prostitution and crime.

“Employment starts now, here in school in order to avoid unemployment in the future’’. She further advised students to manage their time preciously and use it effectively by sharing possible ways of how to manage one’s time as taking one’s bathe immediately after the day’s lectures, sleeping for at least one hour, reading for at least 30minutes, a proper relaxation by doing anything that pleases one, then from 5pm to 7pm, one’s brain tries to reflect on all that have been done in the day.

More so, she highlighted some steps to be taken as a youth such as choosing the right location to be and seeking excellence at all time, learning computer skills by one’s projects oneself, learning one thing and doing it excellently. She ended her lecture by saying that “English language is language of commerce while Yoruba language is a language of wisdom and should be understood by all”.

Barister Oladepo appreciated the two speakers followed by the recitation of “Ewi” from Ifatayo as well as the recitation of “Oriki” by Tijani Abiodun and Awal Aminat. The two students were given prizes after which there was a stage performance by T swag. Interestingly, dancing competition came up among students as the beautifully celebrated FOSSU orientation day came to an end.

Exclusive Interview With FOSSU President By The PressCouncilTPI
Press Crew: Please can you introduce yourself?
President: My name is Com. Akanmu Peter from Ogbomosho, Oyo state. I am the president of FOSSU from the department of Accounting, HND 2.
Press Crew: How do you see the on-going event?
President: There is a low turn-out of students but we give all the glory to God.
Press Crew: What was your motive of organizing this orientation?
President: To enlighten the freshers on what should and what shouldn’t be done in the school. To also hold seminars for both Freshers and Stalite on life after campus based on the topic “Unemployment on youths and its effect”.
Press Crew: What are your challenges?
President: Inviting people for the orientation was one of our challenges.
Press Crew: What are your plans for FOSSU?
President: To issue quality souvenirs to our faculty students, Celebration of award day and dinner night.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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