Students’ Union Electoral Committee Deliberated On 3 Agenda

The Polytechnic, Ibadan 2018/2019 Students’ Union Electoral committee first sitting came up on Monday, 10th of July, 2018 at the Old BOS building. The meeting was call to order by the Dean Students’ affairs Dr. T. A Lasisi at around 10.30am. The opening prayer was done by Mr. Oyewo Oyekunle, staff representative from Faculty of Business and Communications Studies and after which the Dean subsequently welcome all and sundry to the sitting.

Introduction of personalities representing each faculty, departments. The personnel from the security unit, representative from the rectory, Alhaji Soladoye Adewole.   

The 2018/2019 Students’ Union Election timetable, 2018/2019 Students’ Union Election eligibility criteria and the review of the last election were the three agenda were deliberated on. 

The Deputy Registrar of Students’ Affairs Mrs Fawale, cleared the air about the rumour on campus about the review of last Student election, she tasked all departmental staffs should be diligent enough to calculate the voting so as to ensure early election disclosure. She also urged the security units to always be up and doing in the course of the election to discourage violence amidst Students. She insisted that no security has right to beat Students that are not well dressed or violate the school rules. 

In addition, Mr Oyewo claimed some of the issues that encourage violence in the last year election were eligibility criteria in terms of differences in voters’ eligibility criteria (I.D cards, receipts). 

Furthermore, The Dean Students’ affairs made it known that criteria will be given to the electoral officer in all centre on paper and any changes is subjected to the Students’ affairs alone.

Lastly, Other issues decided at the meeting include: when list of candidates on notice board will be displayed, the reason behind the non-appearance of some aspirants during last manifesto, oath was said to serve as the criteria for voting, therefore all aspirants must possess it and it can be done through the help of the class coordinator. Agents for each candidate are to be urged so as to be vigilant and must not accommodate any form of misconduct during the election. Security logistics was said to be looked into and the contacts of Students’ affairs unit will be made available provided the need arises.

The committee is expected to further sit for more deliberations and final decisions to be made.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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