Extortion Still Ongoing At Mass Communication Department


In a recent publication released by Press Council during the last semester after a resolution meeting was held by the School Management cum representatives of the students of this institution in which they arrived at a conclusion that students should not be overcharged in their fees made to either departmental, faculty or indigenous association, and that the management are doing all they could not to extort the students in any form. And also, as a lecturer once asserted too that “forced labor is an impediment of social fallacy and everyone should abstain from it”.

Such is the case of one of the departmental association in this noble institution of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Students are forced to take passport photographs at the rate of N300 to N500 at the department before any registration could be done.

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It becomes a known fact that other passport photographs printed outside the department will not be accepted. This has made the students more confused as they are yet to understand the difference between passport taken outside and the one allegedly imposed by Mass Communication Department.

We are forced to pay for passport in the department! We told the executives that we have passport photographs already but they still insist we make use of the passports being produced at the mass communication department’’ as submitted by one of the ND 1 student of the department.

Another student from the department also let out his grievance about the imposed passport photograph after the amount being paid for the department levy. He said “I tire for this department o” said an HND1 student.

Apparently, the President of the Mass Communication Department Comr. Pelumi debunked the report, that the students are being forced to take passport photographs at the department. He said, “the departmental due is three thousand seven hundred naira N3,700 which already comprises of the departmental receipt, I.D card, department day and lot more, but the N300 is basically for I.D card and passport”

Now the question goes thus:

==> Why would the department specifically impose the department passport photographs?

==> Is there any difference between the passport taken outside and that of the department?

Students are really awaiting explanations to the idea behind this.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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