Faculty Of Science Screening Exercise Report

The Faculty of Science Screening Exercise started lately as against the official stipulated time, the screening which started at about few minutes to 2:00pm on the 25th of July, 2018 for the students aspiring for different position at the SUG level was drawn from the four constituency of the Faculty i.e. NACOSS , NMGS, ASSON and NASTES.

In attendance for the screening were lectures, students executive and legislators of all department under science as well as observers. Some of the lecturers in attendance are; Mr. Kolawole T. from NASTES, Mr Ibrahim from NACOSS, Mr. APANPA K.A and Mr. Kumaya from GEOLOGY and ASSON respectively.

The moderator of the screening started calling the aspirant one after another to defend themselves from the anxious awaiting audience that feel like swallowing them with both logical and non-logical questions, of course some aspirants were prepared for them while some are not.

Some of the intelligent questions asked to the aspirants are “how can one embezzle money from the account without being notice by any member of the organization” but surprisingly the aspirant gave a brilliant answer that it’s never possible since she is not going there with the mind to embezzle money. And secondly was “what’s the difference between misappropriation of fund and embezzlement” .etc. Some questions are funny while some are irrational.

However, misunderstanding broke out on the number of aspirants the NASTES and NMGS should provide for the president post since it was thrown to them, in which it has been concluded a day before that each constituency of NASTES and NMGS should provide one candidate each from their constituency but surprisingly the moderator announced that two are emerging from NASTES while one from NMGS, in view of this, the exercise was disrupted at about 3:53pm.

When some aggrieved members from NMGS constituency raise a motion that it is not according to the rules set out by the committee, as they alleged that it might be a plot to disenfranchise their candidate since the judges can’t disqualifies at least two aspirants from the same constituency.

One of the lecturers Mr. Kolawole plead with the students that they at the high table and as judges will screen out one of the NASTES student because most of the decision or policies taken are not constitutional but conventional but the appeal did not go down well to the students as they demand fairness and justice, hence, they move out of the exercise hall in gale therefore stopping further screening especially for the aspirants viewing for the president position.

In all, a total of thirteen aspirants came for the screening exercises while ten have been screened, three are still pending.

Apparently, those concerned will go back and re-strategize on the possible solution to amend the indifferent said by one of the Faculty Executives.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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