Faculty Of Engineering Plenary Session

The plenary session of the faculty of engineering which was held on date at venue was witnessed by the members of the students representative councils of each department, and also in attendance were the NAPES president, and the Editorial Chairman of FENG Press.

The session which began around time had its discussion centered on the hierarchy at which the principal posts of the NAPES body would follow. Primitively, the trend of ascending to the seat of the president had always been rotated among Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering department due to the fact that these three departments have HND.

But of recent, with the incorporation of the HND of the Computer Engineering department and their subsequent inclusion in the train of ascendancy to the presidential seat of NAPES, misconception occurred, which the Mechanical Engineering department from their perspective, thought it would hinder their claim to the seat after the Electrical Engineering department succeeded the incumbent president from the department of Civil Engineering.

Traditionally as it is being called, the train of hierarchy of NAPES EXECUTIVE, starts with the President, General Secretary, Treasurer (before Computer Engineering department inclusion) to be rotated among these three departments.

During the plenary session, it was argued that The NAPES Executives, subsequently with the train, have the Civil Engineering department as the president, Electrical Engineering as the General Secretary, Computer Engineering department as the Financial Secretary, Mechanical Engineering as the Treasurer, and Mechatronics Engineering department as the Welfare director. 

And in lieu of this tradition, and consequence of the Computer Engineering department having witnessed the regimes of presidency from Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering departments, now can move up to the Seat of the General Secretary and subsequently to the seat of the president after the successive tenure of Electrical Engineering department. After much deliberation, the notion was accepted.

Other discourse of the plenary session was the Engineering Students’ Forum which its executives aren’t zoned but rather are used to compensate the aspirants who lost during Elections (SUG). Also stated at the session was the issue of the each department producing Its Editor-in-chief as representative of the FENG Press. In addition was the FENG PRESS Constitution that was read to the house, which was approved and included in the NAPES constitution.

The session came to an end with the members reaching a conjecture on the above discourses.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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