SUG Election Voting Requirements


As we all preparing to burst out tomorrow and cast our vote, some students still do not know what they need to present to enable them vote.

Remember, you can’t just go there and tell representatives that you are a Polyte without any means of identification and expect them to welcome that.

So in order not to experience such or getting hindered from voting, we’ve decided to share what you need to take along with you.

If you wish to make your voice heard and as well make your opinion count in the forthcoming election, below are what you need to take along:

  • School/Faculty/Department/Library/Medical ID card.
  • School fees Receipt (either 1st or 2nd semester).
  • SUG receipt.

»» You are all urged to come out and vote!««

NB: What’s most important is either the School ID Card, SUG Receipt, or School fee Receipt.

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