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It was a half heated moment in an emergency meeting held at the Old Board of Studies building (former Rector’s office), North campus on the 18th September, 2018 when the Students Union Electoral Committee conveyed for deliberations on petition letter(s) submitted by four of the five faculties of the Polytechnic, Ibadan. The meeting had in attendance representative from the rectory, Alhaji. Sholadoye Adewole (P. R. O), Dean Students’ Affairs Dr. T.A. Lasisi, the Deputy Registrar (Students’ Affairs), Mrs. Fawale, Mrs. Adegbuyi, the Counsellor, Staff and Students representatives from all faculties and the members of the Press Council.

The Dean Students’ Affairs in his opening address appreciated all members of the committee for their support and commitment before, during and after the election. He also made it known that the purpose of the gathering is to fulfill what has been included in the agenda for the just concluded election which will stand as the submission and addressing of the petition submitted.

One of the petitions submitted by the students from four faculties in the institution; Faculty of Environment Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Financial Management Studies, Faculty of Science reads that “it is so unjust for the management to deviate and set out new rules criteria to be followed which is the first semester school fees receipt.”

Engr. Adeniran from Faculty of Engineering, gave his opinion about the letter of petition submitted by the named faculties [FFMS, FENG, FES, FSC] on the SUG receipt and recognized which was the initial voting criteria. He further said the students are not cleared enough, in such that they only prepared the SUG receipt as the main voting criteria. This he opined that, it may have been a reason for the petition. Mr. Abegunde, the Chief Coach said that the signatures from the four faculties were not viable, and that there were no changes to the criteria, but only emphasized the already known criteria and the committee needed as a trusted list for voters and the CIDM list was seen as such.

The Press council chairman in his raised it that, no changes were made as regards the voting criteria and that the emergency meeting called prior to the election was conveyed to deliberate on the earlier agreed decision. And the General Secretary of the Press council also reiterated same opinion.

A representative from Faculty of Science said he was present and that students complained about the non-circulation of memo as regards in the changes in the voting criteria. Mr. Ajiboye (representative from Faculty of Business and Communications Studies) said he can’t see any changes in the criteria.

Engr. Adeniran further observed that if Faculty of Business Communication Studies could submit letter of petition a day to the election and was treated as not belated letter then the three letters should be treated accordingly. Mr Ajadi Kelani from Faculty of Environmental Studies said, the voting requirements i.e the school receipt, SUG receipt and the I.D card can only be authenticated via the CIDM list of which it doesn’t connotes any changes in the voting criteria. Faculty of Financial Management Studies representative said the same. The sport director said the SUG list submitted by the SUE was not reliable and that it is only the CIDM list that can clarify this.

The director said the usage of CIDM list has always been a repeatedly used criterion for election. Notably, a memo was earlier sent to the Students Union Executive for the submission of letter of their subscribers but was not treated and no response was given. This formed part of the distrust against the Students’ Union Government list submitted later on which was handwritten and not serial accordingly.

Dr. T. A. Lasisi, in his final speech emphasized that no deviation was ever done by the Student Affairs. The petition from FBCS was majorly about the list submitted by the Students Union.

In his response to Mr. Abegunde’s poser, he said “the petition before the election was never meant to be overlooked, because all were to the success of the election. And that was why an emergency meeting was conveyed on the Election Day. Alhaji. Sholadoye submitted that no one at the management level has any ulterior motive towards any candidate. Mr. Adeniran tendered apology about unclear notes in the decision being made.

The Dean Students Affairs responded to the plea from the Press Council that the Council remain unbiased in its operation. He then urged the Press Council to continue with its good job and operation on campus by disseminating right information to the students.

Though there was another petition letter submitted by the Student Union Government, but was belated and thus disregarded.

Therefore, the election result stands and the emerged candidates are authenticated.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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