Life After School: What Are Your plans?

What are your plans after school? Almost every finalist has been asked this question in one way or the other. But unfortunately, only a few have a concrete answer to such questions. The transition from being an undergraduate to becoming a graduate is kinder funny and scary to most students. The thought of being independent, no more frequent pocket money from Daddy and Mummy, Uncles and Aunts, Brothers and Sisters… is something we all have to deal with. It is a period when every decision you make counts and are very vital to your future because everybody now looks up to you.

Let’s make something clear, “Students think”. In fact, students think a lot about money, drinks, parties, opposite sex and so on but most importantly students think about their lives after school, which is good. The bad thing however is that what they think about life after school are majorly unrealistic thoughts like, “Hey, I am finally in 100 level studying economics in Kogi State University, and I’ll graduate in 4 years’ time, then go for service and probably do some masters and PhD thingy then get a job and make money“.

That’s so unrealistic that it makes WWE wrestling more real. It’s plain garbage thought you need to start getting out of your head. This life isn’t Hollywood, and when you’re born into one hell of a country like Nigeria, you need to wise up and start thinking with your “brain”.

If you can take your time and look outside your window to see millions of graduates roaming about the streets, you’ll probably understand that it’s not as easy as you think it is. If it was that easy, your parents and your friend’s parents and all parents in Nigeria will be multi-billionaires and you may not even need to go to school.

Life isn’t easy, and Nigeria is making life even harder for Nigerians. The labour market is so choked-up, it will take extra power for an angel to pass through. There is hardship in every corner of the country and the earlier you realize these things, the better for you. So instead partying and smiling all around school, why don’t you sit yourself down and not only think logically but also plan logically. These topics might get you onto the right path:

==> First and foremost, you need to realize you only have one life to live. Every circumstance you find yourself will most definitely come once, you don’t go to primary school twice, well, except you’re going there the second time to teach or something. My point is, in every situation you find yourself, you have to try hard in making the best out of that situation. If you don’t succeed, it’s okay, at least you tried.

==> Ask yourself questions like why are there few rich people in the country? What can I do to get there? What are my potentials? What are my weaknesses? You have tons of questions you should start asking yourself. 

==> You need to start tasking yourself. Are you too young to make money? I mean, there are lots of unemployed graduates out there who still depend on their parents. I know you don’t want to belong in that category when you’re done with school. You need to know what you have to do to make that money so you do not have to depend on anybody.

God has given you a talent, why don’t you discover it and start using it to make money now. There are tons of things you can do as an undergraduate that can cough out money for you, you just need to think and plan on how to strike a balance between your academics and what you’re doing.

It’s not how petty the job is or how little you’re earning, it’s about knowing for a fact that you can do something to improve your situation.

A lot of OND, HND, BSc, PhD holders are out there (those certs. are common these days), some even have all those certs with them at the moment but have nothing to show for it because they failed to realize that school is not about learning on how to work for a boss, it’s also about how to develop yourself to being your own boss.

==> You need to stop thinking about your future and know that the future you are thinking of is “NOW”. You have to start thinking and planning logically from now on.

==> You need to start encouraging yourself to do things that’ll make you big. Forget where you are now, it doesn’t matter, it’s where you’re going to be when it’s all said and done that matters.

Forget the fact that you stay in one shady place, and your fellow mates stay in billionaires lodge or exquisite lodge (it’s probably not their money anyways), it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are formulating a plan that will change your situation when four years is done and dusted.

All-in-all, you have to think of doing only what’s necessary to get that money, not something people like or what they don’t like, not what brings shame to you or doesn’t bring shame to you, you don’t have to care what people think about you, ’cause at the end of it all, it’s you and only you that matters.

Nobody remembers the disgusting or not disgusting things Dangote has done in the past, because it was necessary to get him to where he is now, “The richest man in Africa”.

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  1. For me, The best thing to do is to think of something you can do on your own that will fech you money, because the jobs out there are so little compared to the amount of graduates out there

    • Mr Quzeem…. Do you have any handwork on your own to make you a CEO on your own… Though you might have connections which might get u a better job but no matter what.. With the present situation in the country we all need to be self employed… It’s for our own good…

    • Opportunity like… The fact is we need to establish ourselves so as to stand alone when we get to the labour market… Not all certificates speaks out there but common sense do

  2. Life after school is a vital important thing to work on because you are like alone… No more father laying school fees or send me pocket money…
    Have determined to work with my certificate or better still be an site Engineer in my own

  3. Wise word full of sense… Word for thought and my soul to pounder on… Thanks the writer for this…. Those oga at the top are ready to depreciate your value with small salary they use to entice you!

  4. most of we student’s are too dependent like my parent’s we do this and that for me now we have the opportunity to gather money from our parent’s and do something sensible whit it like some of us will be adding about #20000 to our schoolfee instead of spending the money you can start doing business whit the money in small scale and any other money you are seeing you can also be adding it to it and keep yourself away from spending money lavishly till when your business is stable and when your parent’s sees you as a person that has determination they will support your business to grow instead of you carrying you certificate from one company to another after passing through so many stress already from school my fellow students lets utilize the little time we have and the money we are making now

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