Weekend Quiz Winner and Top Commenters Announced

Did your participate in weekend’s quiz? Here are the answers to the questions.

Q1. Computer Engineering HND programme was introduced into PolyIBADAN in what Year?
Ans: 2016

Q2. What was the Cut-Off Mark used (for Comp. Engineering) when it was introduced ?
Ans: 24 (check here to see)

Q3. 2018/2019 HND Cut-Off Marks was released this week. Which Department has the highest Mark and State the Mark ?
Ans: Mass Communication | 75

Q4. What is the smallest prime number?
Ans: 2

Q5. Which planet is closest to the sun?
Ans: Mercury

This time we have just ONE winner:

  • Morenikeji

Didn’t win? Another quiz dropping this weekend…

Also, as you all know 500MB is being awarded to Top Commenters every week, last week winners are:

  1. dharey124
  2. Emmagee2002
  3. Morenikeji
  4. Excelcomedy
  5. Njokuprince.

Didn’t meet-up with the Top 5 Commenters, you can also be among the top 5 this week.

ATTENTION: Be informed that the amount of MB awarded to Top Commenters has now been increased to 1GB. But it will be shared i.e

1st takes 500MB
2nd takes 200MB
3rd – 5th takes 100MB Each

CAUTION: Comment to be dropped should be in relation to the post/article. Comment such as “ok”, “okay”, “good”, “nice one”, “thanks” etc might get your Data Balance deducted.

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  1. I got the answers right just that I didn’t follow the rules attached I’m new here so I don’t know much Facebook page liked username sent but I wasn’t credited with the Data

  2. Please admin…. I got the quiz right which I should be awarded 500mb,.. Secondly I was part of the top 5 commemters last week which is 500mb also..That’s total of 1000mb.. But you only credited my account with 500mb.. And you did NM or credit me with the second 500mb… Please kindly look to this…

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