Interested In Becoming PolyIbadanArena ADMIN? Click Here

PolyIBADAN ARENA is a platform created by students of the institution to share latest PolyIBADAN news, gist, updates etc. with the public and as the platform keeps growing day-by-day, we realise there is need to have more hands in supporting the good work we are rendering to students and the public at large.

Are you interested in becoming an ADMINISTRATOR/MODERATOR? Below are important things to know before opting in.

Administrator -: Publishing News, Gist or Relevant Articles

Moderator -: Approving and Replying Comments


  • – A current student of The Polytechnic, Ibadan (and if you’re not, we have other sections for you also)
  • – You must be someone who mostly stays online
  • – You must be willing to contribute to the development of this platform

If you are interested, contact us here



  1. Am interested add me am a student of The polytechnic Ibadan, Mathematics& Statistics department, am currently the Editor- in-chief of my department, I would be glad if you could add me.

  2. Am interested am a student of The polytechnic Ibadan from Mathematics & Statistics department and am currently the Editor-in-chief of my department

  3. but, for some who don’t intend to be admins or moderators, there should be a way to also provide updates for the platform, maybe by sending to the admins or otherwise

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