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Here comes this week give-away. Couldn’t post this on time all because of the signing out activities yesterday, this quiz will be ending tomorrow (Monday, Oct 22). We’ll be giving out free 500MB to ten (10) people that answer the below quiz correctly.
How it works?

  • ==> The first 10 correct answers will get 500MB each.
  • ==> Ensure you login to post comment to avoid being disqualified (Register if you do not have an account).
  • ==> Also, do not reply other person’s comment.
  • ==> Comments will be approved after quiz has ended to avoid those wey dey like copy copy.
  • ==> If your comment is not yet approved, it will be on queue.
  • ==> Please do not use multiple names to post. We will find out.
  • ==> Multiple comments will be void.

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Let’s have fun.

Q1. What name was The Polytechnic, Ibadan formerly called?

Q2. CEC is the Body in-charge of Part-Time programme in PolyIBADAN. What is the full meaning of CEC?

Q3. PolyIBADAN was running of 4 Satellite Campuses before. Name them

Q4. Name the three primary colours?

Q5. What is the Roman Numeral for 100?

Drop your answers below!!

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  1. Q1. Technical college 1970 now
    Popularly known as polyibadan
    Q2.. Continuing Education Centre
    Q3… Eruwa
    Iree now (osun state polytechnic Iree)
    Esa oke(now Osun state college of technology)

    Q4.. Red yellow, blue
    Q5.. C

  2. 1)Technical college, Ibadan
    3) Osun State Polytechnic
    Iree , Osun State College of Technology
    Esa-Oke, The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Saki and The Ibarapa Polytechnic, Eruwa.
    4) Yellow,
    Red and Blue,
    5) C

  3. Q1: The Erstwhile Technical College, Ibadan.

    Q2. Continuing Education Center(CEC)

    Q3: a. Eruwa Campus.
    b. Iree Campus.
    c. Saki campus.
    d. Esa-Oke Campus.

    Q4. a. Red
    b Blue
    c. Yellow

    Q5. Roman Numeral of 100 is C

  4. 1. Technical college, Ibadan
    2. Continuing education centre
    3. Eruwa poly
    Saki poly
    Ire poly
    ESA oke poly
    4. Blue,red and green
    5. C

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