To All PolyIBADAN Graduands


Firstly I will love to congratulate you on the occasion of your signing out. It is a well deserved honor aving scale through a lot of rigorous test and examinations in the citadel.

But it is pertinent to note that the outside world Is another struggle where luck plays a vital role. The fact that you have the best grade doesn’t mean you will be better than others in the labor market.

The market is very competitive and majority of employers are only after what you want to offer and not what you think you know. They only want you to serve them but they are not ready to serve you to your satisfaction.

Don’t be over reliant on your accolades while in school, don’t focus on just a road, try diverse lanes as long as the goal is to be wealthy, famous and happy. 

Never forget those who helped you while in school, never forget those who contributed to your success directly or indirectly. You still owe them appreciation be it now or later in future.

The labor world is competitive but approach it as a football competition, it’s either you win or lose, even when the points are shared, some still end up in the losing side, but which ever way, do not stop, don’t be weary, don’t be disappointed, carry your cross and keep moving.

Never belittle a small beginning, remember a giant building starts from the foundation. Work towards making yourself happy, satisfy your conscience first before any other thing, make use of your time judiciously, ask questions and move with those who have the same goals with you.

I wish you the very best of good luck, welcome to the world Otondo’s in the making.

See you at the top.

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