Election Postponement: How Is It Affecting You?

Nigeria’s presidential and parliamentary elections have been delayed for a week citing difficulties in transporting electoral materials in some areas. A lot of Nigerians, both at home and abroad, did not take this news happily as they keep expressing their disappointment in Nigeria government and their increased disbelief in INEC.

A lot has been said regarding the postponement. Some are counting the cost in monetary terms and others on braving the risk of moving materials and family. With respect to this, we have decided to highlight some implications of the postponement.

1. Lower turn-out for the exercise: As we all know, not everyone lives where they are registered to vote. Some might have migrated to other parts of the country and would have to travel back to vote. With the original date in mind, some of these people might have travelled back to vote only to realise it has been postponed. Such people may not bother to go back when the time comes to vote. Apart from people who have migrated, some others might have plans for that day which they feel is more important than the election and will make them unavailable for the exercise.

2. Waste of funds: Whether you believe it or not, a lot of public funds are being pumped into political campaigns and the longer the campaigns last the more money we lose. It might mean more money for the printers or shirt makers but for the average Nigerian, they have wasted enough money.

3. Little or no trust in the credibility of the elections: A lot of people believe that INEC’s independence has been undermined after succumbing to the pressure put on them by the ruling party to postpone the elections. The whole drama has put doubts in the minds of Nigerians over the indifference of INEC as observers all over Nigeria now question how credible the forthcoming elections will be. This is very dangerous for our democracy, considering the fact that if the opposition party loses, many wouldn’t be satisfied and will start pointing accusing fingers which may result into serious violence, loss of lives and property.

4. Lesser International Coverage: With the postponement, some international media houses would see Nigeria as an unserious nation and wouldn’t bother sending reps and journalists to cover the polls. The negative impact of this is that the international community wouldn’t follow the events as they unfold and this is sad to know.

5. More time for mischievous politicians to execute their evil plans: The postponement of the polls gives bad politicians more time to perform some distasteful act. Now we hear of people buying Permanent Voters Cards (PVC), paying people to vote for their candidates, printing fake materials and so on. This postponement would give room for more plots and tricks towards rigging the upcoming polls to be concocted.

Now let’s hear from you, How Is The Posponement Of Election Affecting You?

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  1. Totally shii. Imagine! I trvelled to Oyo town all in the name of election now it has been postponed. well, we shouldn’t expect less sha. This is Nigeria… Falz has said it all.

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