SUG Queens Cup Should Be Discontinued — FESSA Demands

The SUG Queens Cup Competition has now started with two matches played yesterday which ended Draw (FASSA 3 vs 3 FBCS; FESSA 1 vs 1 FENG). During the match between the Queens from the Faculty of Engineering (FENG) and Queens from the Faculty of Environmental Science (FES) which held at the Main Pitch, Sport Pavilion, North Campus of the institution, One student (Spectator) from the FES got injured in the face.

The match which ended with a 1-1 draw encapsuled in between, brawl and bully from two parties; spectators from Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Science. The victim from Faculty of Environmental Science, who would rather prefer anonymity consequence of subsequent aftermath, was said to have interfered when a member from his department was being “thought” to be manhandled and bullied.

The victim in his words said, “I don’t watch football match but visiting the pitch today was to cheer up the FESSA Queens team. During the course of the game, I saw one of the students from my department being rough-handled and I intervened. Before I realized it, few unknown men had turned to a few unknown men, and I had it all boomeranged on me. They hit me in the face continuously while everyone watched until I was rushed to the medical centre for treatment.”

Consequence of this, the President of Faculty of Environmental Science Students’ Association (FESSA), Com. Olajuwon Olufunsho Gabriel, expressed his total dissatisfaction on the issue. He emphasized on the insecurity that resulted to the bully and the nonchalant attitude of the SUG Sport Director when the incident was reported to him. In the stead of halting the match to attend to the victim as a result of the bully, the match was continued.

The FESSA President, Com. Olajuwon, thereby declared the pull-out of the FESSA Queens team from the competition, stating the obvious that, the Team stands to gain nothing if their lives and those of their spectators are in state of jeopardy before, during and after the match. Also he stated that, if one Faculty is pulling out of SUG Queens Cup competition, then it is fallible if the competition still continues, and not put to a stop; meaning the competition cannot continue without one faculty.

Furthermore, Com. Olajuwon reinstated the stance of his Faculty to pull-out; making claims that necessary legal and formal action shall be taken to see to the pull-out.

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