NAPES Sport Director Is Not A Cult Member! ESF Demands ID Card Should Be Used As Gate-Pass

Sequel to the note released by the Engineering Students’ Forum, The Polytechnic Ibadan, the entire Engineering Students condemn claims of Association of Students Forum declaring that NAPES Sport Director 1 is not a member of any cult group and as well demanding students to ignore such claim.

Full text reads:


The entire Engineering Students of this great citadel of technological innovations outrightly condemns the claims of the Association of Students Forum in the statement released on Saturday, April 6th, 2019, as it is false, full of lies and vague facts. It is more of a pot calling a kettle black, therefore we demand that such statements be shunned and ignored by the entire students body so as not to be misled.

  • ==> The NAPES Sport Director 1, Comr. Oyeniyi Tobi Adeoye is not and has never being a member of any cult group. The claims of the Association of Students Forum is purely baseless and is one of many naysayings aimed at tearing us apart. This is libel and slander put out to defame the comrade.

  • ==> The Association of Students Forum are a cult group based in Apete, whose main objective is to cause disruptions in the institution. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, lurking privily for opportunities to launch strikes and hunt down the sons of men; hiding under the cover of working with the institution’s security department to get ensure peace and tranquility across boards.
  • ==> We challenge the FORUM to provide evidences of their studentship, and submit same to the Press Council for publishing. This we know they cannot provide because they are miscreants whose strategy of ensuring tranquility is by causing disruptions and taking lives; they make themselves as demigods marching through the vineyard and attacking souls at the very scent of blood.
  • ==> Why should students feel threatened by the gyrations of students alike? What in heavens name is wrong with shouting “Southerners Awooh” ? Time after time we get these series of attacks from these FORUM gibberish. The SUG Cup last session was brought to an abrupt end all thanks to the peace and tranquility the Association of Students Forum were able to instill by ensuring that everyone ran helter-skelter seeking cover from the 9mms dissipated freely in to thin air.
  • ==> It is absurd for peace and conflict management personnels to recount offences by an offender, so we wonder why the Association of Students Forum had to remind the Sport Director 1 the incidence that transpired on the opening match of the Queen’s Cup Competition. Perhaps they were hired as tools for revenge to atone for the attack on one environmental student. It is far too glaring that FORUM are the masterminds and perpetrators of the attacks that has led to the loss of lives in and outside the campus, for this is their only way of ensuring peace and tranquility.
  • ==> The management of the institution is hereby challenged to denounce their been partisan with the activities of the Association of Students Forum on campus. According to the statement released by FORUM, they collect orders from the management who hired them probably to checkmate Engineering Students and ensure that their wings are cut. Also, we demand that association be dissolved and the culprits be reprimanded and dealt with within the ambient of the law.
  • ==> It is a slap in the face to have a security department of an institution being aided by cultists who always attach emotion to every rift. We therefore demand that the entire security department of the institution be revamped, and if by any means needs external aides, such should be gotten from a legalized body, and not a sect whose meeting place is in the dark. It is appalling to have a security department that cannot intermeddle in rifts between students, whose level of unpatriotism has reached the point of taking off their uniforms during rifts. They need be told that their job designation is not only to checkmate indecent dressing.
  • ==> The management should from now, enforce the use of ID cards as gate pass into the institution. This will cut out the chances of these miscreants entering the premises and constituting nuisances now and then. We boldly say NO TO FORUM!
  • ==> We urge every student to debunk every accusations that the FORUM press release stated. We will not jeopardize our image by liaising with any cult group to met discipline on a fellow student. Like we always do; defend our own. We know we are being ostracized, but we would not relent until we take it back.

Long Live Faculty of Engineering!
Long Live The Polytechnic Ibadan!!
Engineering Students Forum – Unity of Purpose!!!

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  1. Well it’s a welcome idea that students should present their ids before entering the school premises.. what about does who are not students or those yet to be given thier Id cards. And mind you the students are not the only ones entitle to enter the school. How will they go about those ones. And their is a chance that maintenance/security agents may use this as an opportunity to oppress and harrass students

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