Management Revokes Students’ Union Suspension


Sequel to the memorandum released by the Directorate of Students’ Affairs on Thursday, 23rd May, 2019, the Management has revoked the suspension of the Students’ Union Government.

This revoke of the suspension is contained in a memorandum signed by Dr. Ajibola S.A, stating the uplift of the ban and emphasising on the Union’s activities, as promised, to be peaceful and without chaos.

The suspension which was effective from 4th of April to 23rd of May, consequence of the riot that broke out during the Queens cup competition, also had an embargo laid on the other Associations’ activities on campus.

In lieu of the revoke of Students’ Union Suspension, Associations’ activities on campus have also been restored.

Read full text below: 


Please recall that the activities of 2018/2019 Students’ Union was suspended vide a memo R SA4& Vol /37 dated 4th April, 2019 on the above subject.

The Rector, after due consideration graciously approved on behalf of Management your request for lifting of embargo on the activities of 2018/2019 Students Union.

To this end, you are go about your activities in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Thank you.

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  1. But if you ask me,I’d say the management is a scam. They knew that with the suspension of the S.U.G. there is no one to fight for students on the decisions they made. May God help us o

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