Read What Deputy Rector Had To Say On Phones Set On Fire

Sequel to the news that got everyone talking on social media concerning the decision of the management to burn phones seized from students during examination, the Deputy Rector, Dr. Bayo Adeleke has shed more light on why such decision was taken.

“As much as I would not like to go into controversy over this issue, I believe records must be put straight. There is serious danger in rushing to conclusions on issues read on social media without taking pains to inquire even from the other side. This is a journey of over six years before the decision to burn the phones was taken by the well constituted Students Disciplinary Committee of the institution.

“Many options were considered some of which were implemented, however, the students remained recalcitrant, for example, the committee came up with imposition of fine of N1000, this was when the rate of seizure increased drastically. The directorate of students affairs now recorded incessant cases of burglary by some unscrupulous students carting away some of the phones under custody. The option of giving the phones out to relevant departments for practicals was equally considered but for some legal and Security implications, that option was dropped.

“He who feels it knows it all. We have had cases of detectives, DSS coming to effect the arrest of some students who have falling victims of purchase of stolen phones and in some cases, the owners of such phones were killed in robbery operations where the phones were stolen. If such phones are now given out to departments for practicals and tracked to such departments by the Police, you know what that means? your guess is as good as mine. [adinserter name=”Block 3″][adinserter name=”Block 2”]

“Those phones burnt have been accumulating for over six years and not just a seizure at a swoop. The committee was left with no other option or method of disposal than to burn them. In consideration of environmental hazard, we carefully selected an open site far away from the hostels and the lecture areas, a pit was dug before dumping the phones for burning. We went through all the rigours in a bid to sanitizing the system and in ensuring that we turn out products with exemplary characters who are worthy of the certificates we issue them.

“For avoidance of doubt, series of information and warnings have been given to the students on the dangers inherent in getting involved in examination malpractice most especially bringing of phones into the examination halls. Exam malpractice and sanctions are clearly stated in the student’s hand book, banners containing all these are hoisted at various exam centres every semester during exam periods and above all, the 0examination answer booklets also contain these instructions.

Thanks for taking pains”.

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