Achievers Club Academic Conference

The desire to promoting academic excellence, unity and self help among the Higher National Diploma (HND) students and the department of Estate Management & Valuation as a whole, geared up the the first set of HND programme to constitute a committee named the “Pace setters”.

Pace Setters set into the establishment of a club which will bring in the development of Socio-academic instinct as well as to inculcate the virtue of leadership into members and entire students, contributing & supporting the departmental student association. [adinserter name=”Block 3″][adinserter name=”Block 2″]

Achievers academic conference is a pure academic event where experienced professionals will be passing knowledge across all participants about theme “Role Of Estate Surveyor And Valuer In Economic Development” and also, the criteria, period and process of registration including other likely matters in the field of environmental studies generally.

Achievers academic conference which is coming up on 20th August 2019 at the North Assembly Hall of The Polytechnic Ibadan starting by 10AM, is a free event for all participants who desire to be part and it is also open to Real Estate practitioners who feel the need to gain one or two things. The door of the programme is open to all environmental studies’ students who desire to know and leave the state of ignorance.

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