Toluwani Oyefeso Emerges As Miss Olori 2019

At the grand finale of the 2019 edition of Olori Week held at the Assembly Hall, North Campus of the institution on Friday September 6, Miss Toluwani Oyefeso, a ND 1 student of Mass Communication, got crowned as Miss Olori.

On Monday, 2nd September, the Olori Week 2019 started with rally as residents of the Hall trooped out in mass, walking the road of the North Campus in drums and trumpets to show their excitation in commemoration of the week.

The edition which also featured Trade Fare, organized in front of the Hall of Residence, gave out opportunities to the students and traders in the Hall to advertise their goods, as well as render services at cheaper rates.

The grand finale which featured the Beauty Pageant contest saw the emergence of Oyefeso Toluwani as the winner of the contest and the bearer of the Crown, Miss Olori.

The emergence of Miss Toluwani as Miss Olori generated several controversies from the participants, audiences and the public. Many trolling the judge to be non-transparent, unfair, and biased as a result of no judgement guidelines, and as such, Miss Toluwani was not worthy of the Crown.

One of the audiences, a hairstylist during the Trade Fare, fumed about the process of the contest, she said, “the winner didn’t answer all the questions placed before her, her attire was not as expected, and the whole process of the contest seemed unfair.”

In response to controversies surrounding Miss Toluwani Oyefeso concerning her emergence as Miss Olori, she said: “Though I was unable to answer all the questions thrown at me, and the same thing went for the other participants, but all I knew was I tried my best to answer the questions.

Furthermore she said: “It has always been the norms for people to give their opinions on or be unsatisfied about something, and most especially, criticize the process of a contest. I just see it as that people are unsatisfied about it. I know I tried my best and my best earned me the crown.”

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