Students Lament Over Delayed Results


Students have continued to lament as they are yet to know their fate as a result of delay in the examination results by some departments such as Mass communication, Science Laboratory Technology, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Accountancy department, Computer Science amongst others as all examination written in second semester 2017/2018 academic session second semester is yet to be released while the second semester 2018/2019 academic session examination is just three weeks from away.

This is so disheartening because it has affected the academic activities of students as many are yet to determine whether they are to re-run some courses, not to talk of re-registration which may lead to extra year if not consciously done on time.

Balikis Olateju, an ND2 mass communication student expressed his dissatisfaction over the delay of results, “The delay has become norms on campus. We are still awaiting some of our results for ND1 second semester just some days to ND2 second semester exam which is ridiculous, even though lecturers are fond of saying your results will be out soon, which hasn’t changed anything”.

Another ND2 student of mass communication, Omowumi, who is also the class representative said, “As at this week, we are still awaiting for three (3) ND1 second semester course results which include Library (LIB111), Public Relation and Economics. We are urging the management to help in addressing the issues of results on time”. [adinserter name=”Block 3″][adinserter name=”Block 2″]

Another ND2 Science Laboratory Technology aggrieved student, who identified herself as Adedoyin said, “They have only pasted five (5) courses out of ten for DPP students while Full-Time students CGPA list for First and Second semester was released a month ago. Even though out of the five results, some still can’t find their names on the score-sheet”.

Ayomikun, an ND2 student of Computer Science Department also lamented, “In my class, five (5) results have been pasted but I only saw one (1) result, while I couldnt find my name on the score-sheet for the other four courses. And I don’t know how to go about it as CIDM isn’t even helping matters”.

Source also gathered that HND1 students in Computer Engineering Department were unable to print their first semester course form due to some errors in the course form.

Another HND1 student of Computer Engineering said under the condition of anonymity to avoid victimization said, “The main cause of this issue is at CIDM, they have not been able to rectify it since first semester though I believe changing a particular course from C++ to MATLAB should not be a big deal, it is just the lackadaisical attitude towards work since first semester even when different complaints have been made by both the lecturers and the students severally at CIDM but to no avail”.

Quadri Jimoh, HND1 student of Computer Engineering said that it is true that they have issues with their course form which happened due to some changes in some courses and because they were introduced to some courses which was not done by the present HND2 students stating that the first course is EEC316 but the course title was not imputed and also, Computer Programming was supposed to be MATLAB not C++ on the course form”.

Delay in releasing results has its own consequences on students as it makes it so hard for a student who hasn’t seen previous semester results to go into the examination hall with full confidence and hope of graduating.

We hereby pleads with all the management and members of staff in-charge of examination results to release both ND2 and HND2 first year second semester results on time before the commencement of this session examination which was proposed to begin on Monday 21st October 2019.

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