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Today being the last day of the year, we hereby announce the release of our mobile app to you as you will now have most of the website features (if not all) at your fingertips. Curbing much stories, below are the features of the App:

Note »» Download the latest PolyIbadanArena Mobile App here.

  1. Registration/Login made easy
  2. All recent posts/articles
  3. Your profile picture
  4. Ability to save post and read later (Bookmarks)
  5. Ability to contact us i.e submitting gist/news, making inquiry and giving out suggestions
  6. List of all post/articles categories
  7. Ability to search for any post/article
  8. Comment made easy: You can now drop comments without having to fill many forms and it gets published instantly.
  9. Push Notification: You get notified instantly whenever there’s a news/gists or other relevant informations
  10. Ability to share post to other patforms/social media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.
  11. More to come…

Download PolyIbadanArena Mobile App

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