Past Questions

Get your department past questions below.

Attention: Departments showing no link indicate we are yet to have the list of courses offered in the department. You can as well contribute to speed-up that by sending Us your department’s course form on Whatsapp. Also, in case your phone is not displaying the full table, rotate your phone’s screen i.e landscape

1. FBCS Public Administration ND  HND
Mass Communication ND HND
Business Administration ND HND
Purchasing & Supply ND HND
Marketing ND HND
Music ND HND
Office Technology & Management ND HND
Local government ND HND
2. FENG Civil Engineering ND HND
Elect/Elect Engineering ND HND
Mechanical Engineering ND HND
Computer Engineering ND HND
Mechatronics ND HND
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3. FES Urban & Regional Planning ND HND
Architecture ND HND
Estate Management ND HND
Surveying & Geoinformatics ND HND
Quantity Surveying ND HND
Building Technology ND HND
Graphics Design & Printing Technology ND HND
Textiles & Ceramics ND HND
4. FFMS Accountancy ND HND
Banking & Finance ND HND
Insurance ND HND
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5. FSC Science Laboratory Technology ND HND
Computer Science ND HND
Geology ND HND
Statistics ND HND

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