Proposed Calendar For 1st Semester 2017/2018 Academic Session

Following the updates we have been bringing to you concerning the admission exercise, seems it’s high time we put up the one that will concern the stalites as well. From information gathered by PolyIbadanArena, we present to you the proposed calendar for 1st semester 2017/2018 academic session.

Note »» This is just a proposed calender and will only be effective when approved!

  • End of 2nd Semester 2016/2017 Academic Session       –       Friday,27th Oct., 2017
  • Resumption Date for Fresh students 2017/2018       –       Monday, 20th Nov., 2017
  • Orientation For Fresh Student (1 week)       –       Monday, 20th Nov., – Fri., 24th Nov., 2017
  • Resumption Date for Stale students       –       Mon, 27th Nov., 2017
  • Registration For All Students (3 weeks)       –       Mon 20th Nov., – Fri. 8th Dec., 2017

  • Late Registration (1 week)       –       Mon 11th Dec., – Fri. 15th Dec., 2017
  • First Semester Lectures (15 weeks)       –       Mon 27th Nov.,2017 – Fri. 25th March, 2018
  • First Semester Examination (3 weeks)       –       Mon 26th March – Fri., 27th April., 2018
  • BOS Meeting for consideration of Result For the 1st Semester Examination 2017/2018 Academic Session (3days)       –       Tues., 1st May – Thurs., 3rd May, 2018
  • End of 2017/2018 Academic Session       –       Fri., 4th May, 2018

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