Management Reduces EED Fee, Wi-Fi Coverage To Be Extended In 2 Weeks!

After a rigorous consolidation and confrontation by the Student Union Government which started by 7am today with the management, we are glad to inform you  that the hike in EED fee has been reduced. Also free apron will be given to every student that register for EED.

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Matriculation Day Scheduled To Hold On April 12

Furthermore, NO extra payment should be made at the point of submission of Log book as student are advise to report any instructor that request for money. Also, on the issue of bank charges, a review is going on and the result will be communicated soon.

Below is the breakdown of EED amount to be paid: 

LEVEL 60% (#) 40% (#) TOTAL (#)
ND 1    1,710 1,140 2,850
ND 2  2,430 1,620 4,050
HND 1  1,770  1,180  2,950
HND 2  2,490  1,660 4,150

NOTE: Also money for certificate is inclusive in finalist amount.

In addition, internet facility (Wi-Fi) has been promised to cover the environment of the school in 2 weeks time. We are still in anticipation of results to other requests from the management.

Amala Awetu!!! Aluta continua!!! 

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