Either You Like It Or Not, You Will Pay And Nothing Will Be Done About It — ASCOM Executives


Students of Mass Communications department are mandate to pay for the association fee as they might be denied access into the exam hall if they fail to pay, according to one of the ASCOM executives, “Any student that fails to pay up their departmental due will be denied access into the examination hall as well as to getting their projects approved by their assigned supervisors”.

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The ASCOM due is ₦1,000 with an additional fee of ₦2,700 which sums up to ₦3,700. Most students have refused to pay up this due, identifying it to be too exorbitant. 

ASCOM Executives tried to make the breakdown of the ₦3,700 but the students refused to accept it rather they were shouting “Thieves! Thieves!!” at the top of their voices.

The executives felt embarrassed as they made their last statement in annoyance to them before they left that, “Either you like it or not, you will pay and nothing will be done about it“.

Prior to this, the school management released a memo that on no account will any departmental or indigenous association charge the student beyond ₦1,000.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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