2018/2019 Students’ Union Election Eligibility Criteria For Aspirants


As we all know it’s election time on campus, here is the eligibility criteria for students who are aspiring for one post or the other at the SUG level.

As stated in the memorandum;

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Students’ Union Electoral Committee Deliberated On 3 Agenda

Students contesting any Students’ Union Government position shall satisfy the following criteria:

  • ==> All aspirants must have a minimum of 2.5 CGPA with the exception of President who shall have at least 3.5 CGPA. (1st Semester result of the first year)
  • ==> All aspirants for SUE position must not hold any office in the Department, Faculty, Association, Press Club or any other association within the institution.
  • ==> An aspirant must be willing, ready and able to serve at all time with genuine interest.
  • ==> Any aspirant must have spent at list one academic semester in the institution.
  • ==> A once suspended or dismissed student or removed officer of the union or any other association shall not be eligible for Students’Union election.

An aspirant must meet the following requirements for 2017/2018 SUG election screening exercise:

  • ==> Current 2nd semester school fee receipt.
  • ==> Any of the following identity card: School, Faculty, Department, and Library.
  • ==> Current student union receipt.
  • ==> All HND aspirant must produce ND notification of result from accredited institution of higher learning.
  • ==> ND aspirant must produce SSCE result
  • ==> ND1 & HND1 must have submitted their Matriculation Oath

Also, an aspirant must be a financial member of the Students’ Union.

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