Nifemi, My Deceitful Wife (Episode 2)

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(In sister Nifemi’s house, Bro. Ayo is seen seated awaiting sister Nifemi)

Sister Nifemi: (from her room) I will soon join you o Bro. Ayo. (She starts to sing from her room). “God is good, He has done me well…“(Bro. Ayo is enjoying the voice of Sister Nifemi as he smiles and nods his head in admiration. Sister Nifemi comes in)…….Hope you are not annoyed sir? I was doing something in the room.

Bro. Ayo: (with smiles) Annoyed! How can one be annoyed with someone with special beautiful voice and captivating body posture like yours.

Sister Nifemi: Bro. Ayo! You are funny. What are we saying and where are you turning it to. Least I forget, thanks for the gifts you sent to me on my birthday. That was too much o.

Bro. Ayo: There is nothing that is too much for a beautiful one in Christ like you.

Sister Nifemi: There you go again. Well, you said you wanted to see me. Hope it is well.

Bro. Ayo: It is surely well. No problem. It has to do with the Holy Spirit. I have been praying for some time now concerning the person that I will embark on marital journey with. The Holy Spirit has answered me. He says you are the partner I will embark on marital journey with in Christ Jesus.

Sister Nifemi: (surprised) you mean the Holy Spirit said I am your wife?

Bro. Ayo: Yes, thus saith Holy Spirit. In fact, I initially doubted it thinking it was the flesh at work. I then went on seven days fast on the mountain. That was where the Holy Spirit shouted at me saying, ‘Go and tell her now, never delay further because it is from me the Holy Spirit.’ This confirmation made me decided to come and tell you. It was the Holy Spirit that actually directed me to you.

Sister Nifemi: (Talking to herself) Holy Spirit… Me, wife of Bro. Ayo? (She closes her eyes, opens it and look towards Bro. Ayo) I have heard you. You can go now. I will think about your request. I will also take time to pray about it.

Bro. Ayo: (stands) No problem. You too can pray about it but it is an already concluded issue in heaven that you are my wife.

(Bro. Ayo goes out. Sister Nifemi comes in and sits on a chair pondering on Bro. Ayo’s request).

Sister Nifemi: (Rolls her eyeball and looks towards the sky) Un-un! Holy Spirit…. Me Bro. Ayo’s wife (laughs) Ha! Ha! Ha!

(In pastor’s office, Bro. Ayo and the Pastor having deep conversation)

Bro. Ayo: In short sir, the Holy Spirit told me that Sister Nifemi is my wife.

Pastor: (Holds his breath briefly before talking) Hun-un! Are you sure you actually prayed well on this matter? 

Bro. Ayo: Yes sir! In fact, I went on the mountain over this matter. I even went on seven days dry fast because of it.

Pastor: I am asking this question because Christian Marriage calls for prayer and patience. I want you to know that the devil always waits for Christians in the area of choice. And any Christian that misses it martially may not prosper in life and ministry. I implore you to intensify prayers on this sensitive matter. I want you to pray more. In fact, what I am feeling now is that you need to pray more. If after the prayers you are still convinced that Sister Nifemi is the one, you can both come and see me for the next line of action. But please and please pray very well and be sure you receive from God clearly. Peace be unto you. Let us pray.

What happened next? Did Bro. Ayo follow his pastor’s instruction? Find out in the next episode…

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