Assume Responsibility For Your Life

In this part of the world, we program our students to go to school, study hard, pass examinations and graduate with honours. After which these graduates wait a few months for their NYSC postings, then they camp for 21 days… Then they serve in communities for a year or less and then they pass out as youths armed for their futures, right?

So what comes next? They go job hunting in a labor market where we have over a million people with good qualifications but still are unemployed, unemployable or underemployed… and the journey to earn some bucks so other dreams can be fulfilled begins!

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God bless any youth who breaks away from this recycled program! Because that would mean that such a youth wouldn’t wait until he turns 40 (when half of his life supposedly have already been lived) to be productive & relevant in our world.

Since we legally consider an adult to be anyone who has attained the age of 18, then at 18 you are old enough to be productive, relevant, earn a degree, own a business, influence international markets, give big to poor nations. So “how old do you want to turn before becoming relevant and productive to yourself and the world?

“After all the years spent doing researches, attending lectures, writing impromptu tests, cramming for exams, browsing for assignments…all in the bid to at least be rich, productive and relevant, what comes next? I understand for sure you need to have a job— one that pays real well & it matters still what you do with the paycheck before your name is written on the list of the young, productive, relevant and rich.

I am on the school of thought that life should be deliberate and not haphazard or left to chance. You should know what life is all about. It all begins with a purpose— find out what your life should be about. Your passion is your best clue to what you should spend the productive time of your life doing.

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Get knowledgeable on you want to do. Then come up with a realistic flexible work plan and get down to work. How colorful do you want your life to be? The choice is yours; Assume responsibility for your life!

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