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Here comes this week give-away. Ought to have posted this since yesterday but exams hindered and for that reason, this quiz will be ending tomorrow (Monday, Oct 15). We’ll be giving out free 500MB to ten (10) people that answer the below quiz correctly.
How it works?

  • ==> The first 10 correct answers will get 500MB each.
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  • ==> Also, do not reply other person’s comment.
  • ==> Comments will be approved after 7 hours to avoid those wey dey like copy copy.
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Let’s have fun.

Q1. Computer Engineering HND programme was introduced into PolyIBADAN in what Year?

Q2. What was the Cut-Off Mark used (for Comp. Engineering) when it was introduced?

Q3. 2018/2019 HND Cut-Off Marks was released this week. Which Department has the highest Mark and State the Mark?

Q4. What is the smallest prime number?

Q5. Which planet is closest to the sun?

Drop your answers below!!

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  1. Q1 2016/2017
    Q2 40.38
    Q3 Mass communication
    Q4 2 is the smallest prime number
    Q5 The planet mercury is the closest to the sun
    I’m just joining so I don’t know the rules guiding please do not render comment void

  2. Question 1: HND Computer Engineering was started at The Polytechnic Ibadan in the session 2016/2017
    Question 2: The cutoff for th admission of Computer Engineering course was 40
    Question 3: The highest cutoff for session 2018/2019 is 75 for Mass Communication HND
    Question 4: The Smallest Prime Number is 2
    Question 5: The closest planet to sun is Mercury


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