Answers To Weekend’s Quiz. Winners & Top Commenters Announced!

Did your participate in weekend’s quiz? Here are the answers to the questions.

Q1. What name was The Polytechnic, Ibadan formerly called?
Ans: Technical College, Ibadan

Q2. CEC is the Body in-charge of Part-Time programme in PolyIBADAN. What is the full meaning of CEC?
Ans: Continuing Education Centre

Q3. PolyIBADAN was running of 4 Satellite Campuses before. Name them
Ans: Eruwa, Saki, Iree and Esa-Oke

Q4. Name the three primary colours?
Ans: Red, Yellow & Blue

Q5. What is the Roman Numeral for 100?
Ans: C

This time we have just FOUR winners:

  • Mike Emmanuel
  • Onimichael
  • Viceroy07

Didn’t win? Another quiz dropping this weekend…

For the Top Commenters, winners are:

  1. dharey124 – 500MB
  2. Morenikeji – 200MB
  3. Emmagee2002 – 100MB
  4. quzeem – 100MB
  5. Kingmike007 – 100MB


Didn’t meet-up with the Top 5 Commenters, you can also be among the top 5 this week.

ATTENTION: All data request will be processed this week (starting from Wednesday). Sorry for the delay!

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