2018/2019 Orientation Programme For Fresh Students – DAY 2

The second day of orientation programme for fresh students of The Polytechnic, Ibadan commenced at about 10:30 am, and was declared opened by the Dean of Directorate of Students’ Affairs, Dr Sikiru Adetona Ajibola, which after the declaration, he gave the welcome address. He talked on the student dressing code, that good students are expected to dress normal. He also added that students are expected to go through the hand book given to them to know the do’s and don’ts of the institution. He further said, accommodation for fresh students are not expected to be sold out to any student, that the Students’ Affairs make that provision so that new students will not be misdirected after staying for 2 semesters on campus. He concluded that students are expected to lodge their complaints at the Students’ Affairs center concerning anything they don’t understand.

Subsequent of the Dean’s welcome speech and address, the first lecture followed and was given by Dr. Adesoyin on rules and regulations guiding student conducts, examination malpractices and sanitation. He said there is no ignorance in law, every student is expected to get to the examination venue 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam and no student will be allowed to write exam 30 minutes after the exam has started. He further said, while coming for the examination students are expected to come with the requirements like evidence of payment of school fee, school or departmental ID card, be in their dressing code or dress decently. Also, students are not allowed to leave the exam hall until one hour after the commencement of the examination. He said any student engaged in examination malpractice will face the disciplinary committee and may be expelled. Students will be sanctioned if; they present false or fraud documents, disturb during the exam period, or/and coming in with phones to the exam hall. 

The second lecture followed immediately by the Director of Medical Sevices, Dr. Adesiyan, he spoke on how to stay healthy on campus. He said you are yet a student until you do you medical registration. Additionally, he said environment influences life, avoid dirty environment and backing moving vehicles. He concluded by giving a fatherly advice to the students, that they should always go for medical checkup and never engage in self medication.

Sequel to the interlude, Dr. Adegboye Abiodun from Students’ Affairs gave the third lecture on Life on campus, she advised students not to engage in physical fighting on campus, she encouraged them to attend classes, take note in class, read before examination period, relate with lecturers, know their academic advisers and she concluded that students should feel free to come to the counselling centre, and to watch what to wear, how to dress and where to wear a particular dress to.

At exactly 11:55am, Director of VSESC Engr. W.A Ladi delivered lecture on EED by saying PolyIBADAN has been declared the best skill acquisition centre in Nigeria. He talked on EED days of training; Monday for FBCS, Tuesday for FENG and FES, Wednesday for FFMS, Thursday for FSC and Friday is for partime students. He also said students are expected to go to the Entrepreneurial village for any error committed during the process of the EED registration, preferably before EED exam.

In the end, Wema bank addressed the students to register in their bank no matter the age. Music entertainment followed with the song “Ise Oluwa ko seni to ye” by Aruna Isola, and at about 12:50pm the programme was declared closed by Dr. Abiodun.

Credits: PRESS Council, TPI
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