RESUMPTION: A Welcome Note

On a welcome note, PolyIBADAN ARENA welcomes you back on campus.

The institution has been opened and it is believed that most of us are preparing in anticipation of returning back to campus as the school resumes today.

However, this is the Second semester of the 2018/2019 academic year as we already know, the first semester has been intriguing and challenging as well as interesting and transforming.

We students, are to be reminded that the semester, which is the final lap for the session, is short and packed with numerous activities. And due to this, DO NOT allowed yourself to be lost amid the activities. 

Also, same goes for the time or duration slated for registration. In other to prevent issues regarding registration defaults, we should endevour to register within the period that would be slated out for us.

On a final note, PolyIBADAN ARENA wishes all safe journey from your homes back to campus and a blissful semester.

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