Another Case of Theft At Ramat Hall Of Residence

This is to report to you that Students residing in Block A of Ramat Hall of Residence fell victims of theft in the early morning of Thursday, 1st day of August, 2019.

The theft incidence resulted to some students occupying Room 17 losing three phones; Tecno Pop 2, Tecno L8, and Tecno W2, while the other rooms, Room 19 and 27 were frightened as the thief wanted to force his entry. [adinserter name=”Block 3″][adinserter name=”Block 2″]

“The security at the hostel is not effective. Most times we have reported the states of our rooms in the hostel but nothing has been done. Our doors are bad and we couldn’t lock our doors at night” Busayo, one of the victims said.

It was gathered that there were only two security men guarding the blocks in the hostel, and the two men were old men whose efficiency would be presumably reduced.

“It is disgusting if the security men can be asking us if they raped us? Also the security men also said that maybe it was Alligator that came in to steal phones” – Dupe said.

Theft cases had been experienced on campus on several occasions. During the exams of last semester, theft case was reported at Olori Hall of Residence, and thereby, it was thought security would be intensive to prevent re-occurrence in other hostels.

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